First Impressions

So now that you know that I freaked out when I got here, but was then able to keep on keepin’ on…here are some tidbits about first impressions and experiences:

– Skinny jeans seem even skinnier here, everyone smokes, the night begins at midnight (and that’s just dinner), and they seem to love roller-blading.

– There are ninja dogs in Argentina. Their poop is everywhere, but you never see them do it. If only it fertilized their sidewalks back to health. Also, I’ve noticed ’12 Dog Tuesdays’, or rather have seen multiple people each walking 12 dogs a piece on Tuesday.

– I was told the men would whistle at me a lot, but twice guys have stopped their cars to look me up and down and applaud…a definite first, hysterical.

– People have been very friendly and helpful. When I’m not being applauded for my exceptionally good looks, many people have offered to help me learn Spanish and show me around. From an old artist in the park giving me tango recommendations, to my server at a cafe meeting me for a glass of wine later…I’ve been lucky to have several opportunities to spend time with locals.

– All across the US, 80s and 90s soft rock musicians are reaping royalties in the millions for their music being played in every cafe in Argentina….either that or there was a mix tape gone viral from said decades.

– I’ve met a lot of great people in the hostels, most of whom are traveling for several months at a minimum. There’s a definite South America circuit people do variations of, so it’s helpful for recommendations. I’ve been able to meet up with Scott, my American friend and Patricio, my friend from Buenos Aires (BsAs), both of whom I met at the World Cup in South Africa. I’ve also been able to meet up with Leah, Carol, and Don Vogt for a day, very dear friends from Denver, and have met up with a friend of a friend who happened to be traveling here too.

– My name is not really known or easily pronounced here. I was told I should adopt the name Ariana, as it’s the closest thing. So, me llamo Ariana en Argentina.

2 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Next time someone applauds you bring the 90’s back a step beyond the music and respond with the Arsenio Hall “woof woof woof woof” fist in the air and everything! ( do it just once as a personal favor to me and let me know what happens!)

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