Ode to the Culinary Arts of Argentina

Oh the food! Gluten be damned, I am indulging here to say the least and I don’t care! Actually, I completely care, but at least I can spend my time exploring the cobbled streets, running in the parks, and climbing the mountains to work it all off.

Anyways, the food most definitely deserves its own post. You should all never eat anything ever again, except for what I am about to mention. You will be very happy, I promise. You’re welcome.

I thought I had happily left the world of acronyms at work, until I saw DDL on a menu the other day. I realized it stands for dulce de leche and I am more than ok with seeing this acronym anywhere. I want to bathe in its sweet goodness, and I don’t even have a sweet tooth. It’s amazing. As a ribbon through creamy helado (on par with Italian gelatto for sure) or in the center of two cookies as an alfajor, it is divine. Speaking of which, I have a daily alfajor y café addiction. Image


The empanadas are little pillows of heaven. My favorites are the empanadas con carne . They are so perfectly doughy and full of flavor, they kind of melt in your mouth and I have to limit myself to one a week at the most.

Street food: well, I had the best sausage I have ever had in my life here. I ordered choripan, it’s chorizo that is so juicy, with the most outstanding flavor, covered in chimichurri (parsley, olive oil, garlic, red pepper), on perfect bread. The bread here is just so perfect. I don’t know how else to describe it, except to tell you to think of the most ideal bread in chewiness and crunchiness and you will be thinking of bread from Argentina. Ah-mazing.

And you all know the steak is just out of this world. It must be some work of magic that it can be so tender and perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. It’s grass fed of course, and they use a wood fire, so those must help. But there’s the ‘x factor’ that I can’t pinpoint. It’s as special as they say it is though. The best thing to do is go to la parilla and order provelleta to start (a chunk of provolone cheese with herbs that is then grilled…O-M-G). Pass it around the table. Then order salads, fries, agua con gas, y vino tinto to share and everyone orders whatever cut of steak they want. The other thing to do is to order several cuts and types of meat for the table and have it brought out on a grill to share. (an asado)


Argentine friends, my apologies for not even doing it justice. Let’s get together over some steak and talk about it.

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