It’s Not Goodbye, It’s “See ya later!”

I believe it was the end of my mom’s visit when I had started to have the idea that it was time for me to leave Argentina. I can imagine that sounds so odd. The stories that I’ve shared recently were some of the most profound and inspiring yet. It certainly seems odd to me as I had just had the opportunity to share with my family how madly in love I am with Argentina. I realized I was showing it off as if I actually owned a piece of it myself. Now I can see that I was moving from my wandering phase and into my “time to get shit done” phase. It had been vacation while my family was visiting, a break from my reality that was becoming intense focus on my writing and putting into action my life designed around the passions I had discovered. I was (and still am) in love with the country as a whole, and yet could not make a decision on where to settle. 

My adventures are helping me write my book and there is a relationship between them and what comes out of me and onto the pages. And while Argentina had gifted me many adventures and lessons, it was almost too much my home now. I needed to settle and get to work, but still needed the adventure and unknowns to feed my writing. For a long time I had this place in my mind of wanting to go to Colombia. It was always part of the back up plan if Argentina didn’t work out…I’ll go to Colombia. I grew this vision of being able to live cheaply, while taking breaks from writing to take a dip in the Caribbean Sea or spend time walking, meditating, and doing yoga at the beach. I’ve never lived near a beach, so it was something new and exciting and seemed like a great place to write a book until I can build that A Frame in Patagonia.

I sat with this idea for a few weeks and finally decided that it felt like the right move for me. I was moving to Colombia. My plan was to head straight for the coast, where a good friend of mine from Colombia had told me the mountains meet the sea. Perfect, I don’t have to give up my beloved mountains! 

But it did mean having to say goodbye to my mountains in Argentina and to all of the friends I have there now. I promise you, there is nothing like a friend from Argentina. They are the most loyal and warm people and will do anything for you. And so they all showed up to see me off…in Mendoza and then in Buenos Aires too. They gave me gifts they had made for me and we shared meals together, getting my last fix of the most amazing beef and wine I’ll ever have until I am back in Argentina again. 

Every time I cried and started to get emotional about leaving, they each separately told me “no”. They told me that if you are sad to leave a place, it is because you have loved it and have been happy there. They told me to be happy for the experiences I’ve had and the friends I have made who will now forever be my friends. Loyal and wise, like it is part of their passionate blood to see the good in everything. Un mil gracias, un mil besos Argentina!


**ps: check out my new website that I’m working on, gracias!**

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