Erin inspires and facilitates positive change. She combines her years of professional experience guiding organizations through change in the corporate setting with her personal experience of transformation and creative practices to help individuals and groups influence change in their own lives and in the world around them.

Why “a call to adventure?” This is a shoutout to the Hero’s Journey, a pattern found in stories, myths, songs and movies across all cultures and time. The Call to Adventure is the feeling we get when we feel that it is time to make an intentional change in our lives, a change towards purpose. We all get this call in one way or another and Erin has the skill set and experiences to guide those who are ready to respond.

In 2012, Erin sold her house, car, most of her belongings and quit her corporate job to go on a journey of self-discovery in South America. This had her wandering through several countries and living in Argentina for 2 years as she discovered her passion for nature, adventure and the transformation that comes about when we explore the unknown and embrace creativity.

Treating herself like a client, she has used her skill set and personal practices to change her life to one where she discovered and is living her purpose as a changemaker. She is currently writing her first book about her story, including a workbook to help guide others.

Erin is an author and changemaker. She continues to grow and practice her expertise as someone who is passionate about and skilled in creating a vision and the roadmap to get there.

Professional Experience:

9 years as a management consultant, specializing in corporate transformation projects & change management

In summary, my job is to have an in-depth understanding of the changes taking place including who will be impacted, how, and what they need to know and do in order to adopt the change. This involves working closely with those impacted and the leaders making the decisions to create comprehensive plans for successful change and see those plans through.

  • navigating various corporate cultures and settings, cross-industry
  • defining success and visioning exercises for local and global transformation projects
  • understanding depth, breadth, and intricacies of change impacts
  • mediating between decisions-makers and those impacted
  • creating customized strategies to address change impacts
  • creating and managing networks of change advocates and subject matter experts
  • connecting the right people and the right information
  • designing and creating content for various types of medias and purposes
  • managing teams

PROSCI change management methodology certification

Personal Transformation Experience:

Many of the principles of change management in the corporate setting apply to personal change as well. I apply my professional skill set to coaching individuals while supplementing it with creative and depth practices and learning, including but not limited to storytelling, neurosculpting, meditation, shamanic journeying, writing/ journaling, photography, nature-based practices, ritual, dream work, international and local travel and yoga.

Erin has spent the majority of her life seeking out and evolving her creative, spiritual and transformative practices. She has worked with therapists, naturopaths, shamans, yoga instructors, vision quest guides and other teachers and healers to grow and balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of self. She has a passion for studying and applying the learnings of human dynamics, depth psychology, neuroscience, the hero’s journey, the mystics and metaphysics.

Work with Erin:

Erin’s First Book:

Check out Erin’s book on Amazon: 100 Days of Transformative Adventure