C.McNamara, Denver, Colorado, USA

Erin was fantastic when I needed help transitioning my career. I had been a sole proprietor for over a decade and was dreaming about starting a new business. She took the time to fully understand my vision, my personality and my qualifications. She asked me challenging questions and helped me plot a course of action. She checked in frequently throughout the process, as a mentor and cheerleader. Today, after four years in my new dream job I still consider the work I did with Erin invaluable.

J.S., Portland, Oregon, USA

Erin is a laser beam of truth.

C.B., Denver, Colorado, USA

I got such a trove of helpful insight and guidance from Erin through my change process! I was really impressed by how well-researched she was on this topic too, which served to help me understand that transformative change is the most human of experiences. Her questions and our conversations helped me to develop curiosity about my ‘why’. The whole experience was extremely helpful.

H. Frederiksen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Now, it seems obvious. Like I already knew it. Just didn’t have the courage to be honest with myself about all the ingredients that kept me from taking that decision and the hidden mechanisms of why I do as I do. Erin’s brutal in that sense, but in such a terribly sensible and actively listening role that you can’t help but to analyse, think and open up. To yourself, mainly.

Paul H., Denver, Colorado, USA

Erin is an amazing and inspiring person to be around.  I heard about her travels, adventures and coaching when I was in a bit of a rut with my career.  She inspired me to help pursue my dreams and now I am much happier with my career and personal life.  She is an extremely giving person and helped us get our first client for our easyglitz business.  Thanks for all of your help Erin!