Erin is a Changemaker, offering products and services intended to inspire and facilitate positive change.



  • 100 Days of Transformative Adventure: A photographic journey through adventures in nature and the transformation that comes about when we step out of our comfort zone (available in paperback or hardcover)
  • Thought leadership materials on change: materials available monthly that include information, exercises and additional resources for driving change (organizational change and individual change change tracks available)
  • Coming in the future: more books, photography and products to inspire and facilitate change…”follow” to stay up to date

Changemakers are those who are standing on the metaphorical mountain peak, looking at and understanding the overall landscape…where we are and where we are going.

Changemakers see a problem and are able to shape it into a vision and then create an action-oriented path forward.

Changemakers ask the right questions, connect the dots, form the relationships, understand the impacts of making a change and the consequences of not.

Changemakers have an understanding of what happens in the body and brain as people go through change; what motivates people, the different approaches, processes and personalities to learning, communicating and driving change.

Changemakers study human dynamics and behavior, systems theory, neuroscience, psychology, communications and other areas of focus that teach us what we do and why, as individuals and communities.

Changemakers are comfortable out of the comfort zone and understand the value and the need to proactively go to those places.

Changemakers are driven by partnering with others, getting creative and developing solutions.

Changemakers are value driven, mission driven and thrive on meaningful action for purpose, on purpose.

~ Excerpt from Erin’s HuffPost Article: The Makers Movement: What is a changemaker?