My first book is available on, available in paperback and hard cover.

100 Days of Transformative Adventure is a photographic journey through adventures in nature and the transformation that comes about when we step outside of our comfort zone.


A word to describe an experience that influences one to positively change or expand his/her perspective, beliefs, actions and path forward.


An exciting endeavor that involves action, risk and diving into unknown territory; calling for courage skillful reaction, awareness and pursuit of a bold goal.

This book is a project that combines photographs from my South American adventures with captions that are intended to inspire and provoke thoughtful exploration of the world without and within.This book is a creative project that flirts with topics such as purpose, vision, intention, fear and passion. It can also be enjoyed as a tool for journaling, meditation and other practices.

The mountain featured on the cover is Cerro Ishinca in the Cordillera Blanca of Peru. It is an 18,000+ ft mountain that I climbed in my first unsupported mountaineering experience, a life-changing adventure for me. (photo of me at the summit here taken by Henrik Frederiksen)

I consider 100 Days of Transformative Adventure to be a bit of a teaser for the book that I started writing while living in Argentina. I am still working on that one, so stay tuned! Click the follow button and check back here at for updates.

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