Throughout her career in management consulting, Erin has had the responsibility of working with executives in a number of capacities where she continues to offer coaching:

  • to understand and shape their vision
  • to facilitate team building and navigate team dynamics
  • to educate on change management considerations, process and deliverables
  • to turn results of communication/ work style tests into goals and actionable plans
  • to advise on “voice of the stakeholder” or “voice of the customer”
  • to advise on leadership succession plans
  • to advise on employee satisfaction
  • to shape post-career vision and plans

Erin has had the dream of “board meetings on mountains” and “coaching in the wilderness”. When possible, she recommends that these coaching sessions take place outside, ideally while hiking a path in the foothills or mountains.

The natural context has a way of calming our thinking minds and getting us out of our day to day context, which can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of this work.

*currently offered in Colorado, where she is based.