A program that provides information and tools to support individuals, groups, organizations and startups who are running a project that has a change component. This program provides you with knowledge and tools on change management and the change process so that you are equipped to consider the impact and stakeholder component of your project and subsequent projects going forward.

Think of this as hiring your own personal management consultant or getting information for DIY Change along with expert support.

The program includes:

  • independent and guided work
  • monthly materials related to a theme, that builds throughout the year (information, questions, exercises and additional resources as it makes sense)
  • one coaching call per month
  • membership to a closed Facebook community of all participants
  • email access to Erin for clarifications or bite-sized guidance
  • discounts on additional coaching sessions

By the end of the year, you should have completed change deliverables for your project as well as knowledge of the change process to use for future projects. I have found these skills are also transferrable to driving change in you own life, if desired.

Examples of topics included:

  • Forming a mission, vision; branding
  • Understanding the change curve and change process
  • Creating a change strategy and roadmap
  • Needs analysis and audience considerations
  • Understanding, organizing and responding to implications of the change, impacts, stakeholder groups and resources
  • Forming a network of change agents: why, how
  • Addressing barriers, tracking progress
  • Crafting communications and driving a communication strategy, calendar and plan
  • Preparing for launch, go-live
  • Lessons learned and actions forward


This program may be a good fit for you if any of the following statements resonate:

  • You are seeking to brand yourself, a project or a new business
  • You have a business or an organization going through change and do not have the skills or budget to hire a change manager/ change consultant
  • You have a passion project, an idea to pursue, but you do not know the process for how to move it forward
  • You have technical or process expertise, but do not have the knowledge or skill set for managing the people component of a change (what do they need to know, do and feel to adopt the change…how do you plan for this and execute it?)
  • You are going through a transition within your personal life or business and seeking tools to work with independently to provide structure to your vision
  • You are wanting to expand your knowledge and expertise as it relates to the change process, what to consider and how to take meaningful action
  • You are curious about thought leadership and methodology of the change process
  • You understand that the the best technology or most efficient, streamlined process is only as strong as the people who are running it and using it


This program will become available in January of 2016. You can join at any month although space is limited to 20 participants at a time if selecting the materials + coaching option.


This program is virtual so that you can participate from wherever you are. Materials will be emailed as pdfs and coaching calls will take place over the phone or Skype. When possible, coaching can take place in person if that is preferred.


Although change is one of the only guarantees of life, it is not something we are automatically taught to deal with or proactively manage. Facilitating change is a skill set that can be learned and applied, and one that that evolves along with the breadth and complexity of life and business situations.


Erin has a degree in Communications and Culture with a minor in Psychology. She worked as a management consultant, specializing in Change Management and Organization Effectiveness for nine years, working in many industries and corporate cultures. She is certified in PROSCI Change Management Methodology and has worked with many other change methodologies as well.

Erin is passionate about taking this skill set and making it accessible for individuals and organizations seeking to influence positive change in their own worlds and the world around them.


Option 1: Monthly materials are delivered to participants that correlate with the key components of the change process, building on each month for the course of a year. This includes email access, a closed Facebook group for all participants and one coaching call per month to educate and empower you through the change process.

Materials + Coaching: $200/month

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Materials + Coaching: $2000/year ($400 savings when paid in advance – recommended as each month builds on the previous)
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Option 2: Monthly materials are available without the coaching or other benefits.

Materials Only: $100/month
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Contact Erin at or to discuss this program.