Every one of us is always changing. Even if you feel content or stuck, as everything around you changes so do you as we are all in relationship with everything around us. Erin looks at this as an invitation to be evolving towards a goal, a vision, a dream of being the best version of ourselves. And if you do not know what that is then it is ok for your goal, vision, or dream to be to figure that out.

Guiding Principles:

  • As human beings, it is in our natural state of being to create, to evolve and to be intentional about our present lives and our futures.
  • We all have the opportunity to design a life around the point where our unique experiences, skills, values and passions meet a need in the world.
  • The best thing we can do for ourselves, those around us and the world is to be the most authentic version of ourselves at any given time.
  • The resulting state of being when we are doing that is what we call happiness.

Erin has gone through tremendous personal transformation herself, tapping into her professional experience guiding change and making that accessible to herself and individuals seeking change and/or purpose in their lives.


1:1 coaching for individuals who are making a change in their lives; short term and long term goals or dreams, life changes big and small. The emphasis in these sessions is on proactive personal transformation. The bullets below highlight areas of focus where Erin can work with you to facilitate the change you desire:

  • If you want a change or want to follow a passion or dream, but don’t know what it is: Self-discovery, what is your calling or dream?
  • If you do know what your dream or goal is: Getting started with articulating your vision and what’s next
  • Organizing and moving towards specific actions, getting started, overcoming obstacles and fears
  • Focus on specific mindfulness and personal transformation practices
  • Long term travel and/or moving abroad
  • Dream work

Sessions happen over the phone, via Skype or in person when possible and preferred.


$100/ 75 min session

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$450 /5 x 75 min sessions ($50 savings)
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For those seeking to do transformational work independently and/or those with a lower budget, Erin has a yearlong program that provides a blended offering of information and resources delivered to you with an optional coaching component. There are two options:

Option 1: Monthly materials are delivered to participants that include information, independent exercises and ideas/ recommendations, building on each month for the course of a year. This program includes email access, a closed Facebook community for all participants, a pdf of resources (books, podcasts, organizations) and a 1:1 coaching call per month to educate and empower you through the change process.


Materials + Coaching: $150/month

Materials + Coaching: $1650/year ($150 savings – recommended as each month builds on the previous) The subscription to this program includes additional coaching sessions and/or dream work at a discounted price.


Option 2: Monthly materials (information, exercises and ideas/ recommendations) are available without the coaching or other benefits.


Materials Only: $50/month

Materials Only: $550/year ($50 savings)

*This is a pilot program and thus these low prices are available for a limited time only

This yearlong Personal Transformation program will begin in January 2016. The set of materials will be delivered by email the last week of each month. For more detailed information and to see if this is right for you, click here.