A yearlong program for individuals who are seeking to make a change in their life, pursue a passion or calling and deepen their personal transformation practices. It is a program aimed at self-awareness, self-exploration, self-discovery…supported by tools, resources and 1:1 coaching to guide you in taking action towards living the life you want.

The program includes the following:

  • guided and independent work
  • information, exercises, resources aligned to a monthly theme
  • 1:1 coaching session each month, 1 hr
  • closed Facebook community for interaction with others in the program
  • email access for questions or additional clarification and guidance
  • pdf of categorized resources (books, podcasts, organizations, etc.)
  • option for additional 1:1 coaching and/or dream work, at a discount from usual market price

By the end of the year, participants should have clarity about where they are on their personal journeys and steps to move forward with where they want to go.


This program could be good for you if any of the following statements resonates with you:

  • You feel inspired by others who are living a life they love and/or doing what they love for a living and you believe that you can too.
  • You value personal development, enjoy learning more about yourself and applying what you learn to consciously grow and evolve.
  • You have a passion project, creative endeavor, adventure or dream of some sort that you want to pursue, but do not know how, you have experienced roadblocks or you could use support and resources to help you.
  • You enjoy a mix of independent work along side the support of an expert and community as you work towards a goal.
  • You are going through a big transition that has happened TO you (a life-changing event such as a break-up, illness, loss of job, etc.) and are unsure how to make the transition.
  • You are feeling stuck, frustrated, bored, maybe even “happy enough”, but caught in routine with no clear direction on where you’re going or why.
  • You know you want to make a change in your life, but you just are not sure what that is or how to move forward with it.


The program begins in January 2016 and has a monthly cadence. Each month will have a theme, with the themes building on each other as the journey progresses throughout the year. Each month you will receive information, exercises and resources to explore on your own and then will also have a 1:1 coaching session to talk through progress that month and the program overall.


This will all take place virtually so that you can go through the program wherever you are and at your own pace. Materials will be delivered over email. There will be a Facebook community. Coaching sessions will occur over the phone, Skype or in person (if possible and desired)


We all have the opportunity and responsibility to find the point where our unique passions, experiences and skill set meet a need in the world and to pursue that.

Many core life skills are not taught in school…how to handle emotions, relationships, how to navigate a career, pursue a passion, nurture creativity, how to make life changes. You have to choose to learn about these things and take action yourself.

Outside knowledge and support can be a tremendous catalyst and level of accountability to help you move forward with more intention and direction than you would have on your own.

We are all creative with infinite potential.

When we learn about ourselves and intentionally pursue what makes us feel happy and alive, we are a better person for ourselves, others in our life and for the global community and Earth.

Materials + Coaching: $150/month

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Materials + Coaching: $1650/year ($150 savings – recommended as each month builds on the previous)
The subscription to this program includes additional coaching sessions and/or dream work at a discounted price.

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Materials Only: $50/month

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Materials Only: $550/year ($50 savings)

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Contact Erin at or by visiting to discuss the program.